Weekly Power Animal Message DOLPHIN July 6th


DOLPHIN is an amazingly super-intelligent creature that has many pearls of wisdom for us this week!

As  a power animal and totem, Dolphin represents Love, Balance, Community and, most importantly, the Breath of Life!

Beginning with Love, Dolphins have a “Purity of Being” which resonates with  our inner “human” selves.

We are drawn to them because of their innocence.

This week, Dolphin asks us to follow its example and open ourselves- really OPEN OURSELVES to the JOYS of love, harmony and balance.

Don’t be afraid to express your inner truth!

If you’re not true to yourself, you cannot have these feelings of joy and love completely.

Something will ALWAYS be missing in your life!

Follow Dolphin’s example…as it swims in the depths of the ocean and surfaces for air, go to the depths of your soul and remember the Eternal Light and Love force that you truly are.

Dolphins are connected with the Breath of Life…the power of breath is inarguably connected to emotional release.  Why are do many meditations begin with the Healing Breath?

That’s why, as stated in the above paragraph, you must be true to yourself! 

Oftentimes, we suppress negative emotions because we don’t want to feel them…

we don’t want to grieve or mourn anymore…

we don’t want to be sad or angry anymore…

sometimes we’re just “over it.”

Dolphin teaches us that in those times of wanting to suppress and “swallow” our negative feelings…

we must simply breathe…

exhaling all the junk with force.

When Dolphin surfaces, it grabs its air, goes and does what it has to do, then PUSHES out as it exhales…

releases by PUSHING out the junk and taking in the fresh air.

Dolphin does this ALL DAY AND NIGHT LONG…

Remember the sense of community?

Dolphins live in pods of up to 100 and they often get together and physically “lift” a sick dolphin to the surface so it can breathe.

There are so many reports of dolphins saving humans..saving other animals…

Let us work together this week…

as families…as families of friends…as families at work, in your blogging community…at your local animal shelter…

This week, let Dolphin help us bring more Peace to the whole World by working together in harmony, for the betterment of ALL.

I hope the weekly power animal message from Dolphin helps you have a beautiful week.

Please share this video…pass it along to a friend,,,,tweet it…Let’s make the World better this week!

See you on the sunny side,


June 1st- Announcing The First Angelic Spiritualist Temple And You’re Invited

First angelic InvitePlease click on the photo to see a larger view!

Pastor and Reverend Dorothy Souza is pleased to announce the

Heavenly Grand Opening of  The First Angelic Spiritualist Temple

Sunday Morning, June 1st at 10 am at

Positive New Beginnings, 877 Broadway, East Providence, RI 02914


There will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony and following will be

**VIP Guest Speaker, Verline Eldridge, Renowned Certified Medium and Spiritualist Teacher.

After Verline’s remarks, at 11:30am, a light brunch will be served, followed by an afternoon of getting to know our new Temple Family.


From Cape Cod:

Follow I 195West into RI.  Take Exit 6 Broadway. Right at the bottom of the ramp. Pass the fire station and Rebello’s Funeral Parlor.  Positive New Beginnings is on your left.

From Points North:

Follow I 95 South to I 195 East. Follow I 195 East to Exit 6 Broadway. Bear right at the light onto Warren Avenue.  Take right at next light onto Broadway.  Go under the overpass, pass the fire station and Rebello’s Funeral Parlor. PNB is on your left.

From Points South:

Follow I 95 North to I 195 East. Follow I 195 East to Exit 6 Broadway. Bear right at the light onto Warren Avenue.  Take right at next light onto Broadway.  Go under the overpass, pass the fire station and Rebello’s Funeral Parlor. PNB is on your left.

We look forward to seeing you there and all are welcome!

** Verline Eldridge’s biography will be posted soon.



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Weekly Power Animal Message May 11th Skunk

Weekly Power Animal Message May 11th Skunk

Don’t be turned off by this cutie patootie’s foul-smelling reputation!

Skunk is a very powerful and mystical animal spirit and historically, has enjoyed a reputation of respect and fear!

The photo shows Skunk’s personality perfectly-


Skunk is soooooo not worried about anything…

Not worried about predators at all, you also see him foraging and burrowing…not even looking up when Hawk cries.

Now that’s pretty self-confident!

Skunk has no problem digging his own dens or moving into a den that another animal has left behind…another sign of self-confidence.

It doesn’t matter that he can spray a chemical into the eyes of a predator and blind them temporarily (which he did to Dovi last summer…right in the mouth!)

Believe it or not, the spray defense is NOT what makes Skunk powerful as a totem but it is his command for respect that gives him his power.

That is Skunk’s medicine: respect and reputation.

They spend nearly all day underground and come out at night, teaching us there is a time to be with other people and a time to be alone.

So, Skunk’s message for us this week is to look at ourselves and ask ourselves if we are getting the respect from others we deserve?

If not, WHY?

What messages are you sending out to others?

As you treat yourself with respect, accept and affirm who you are, and express yourself without ego, then you will attract like-minded people…
like-minded friends and even like-minded romantic interests.

You will attract those who will share your journey because they are on the same path or journey as you are.

Skunk teaches us to be who we are and love ourselves and

Skunk has many other qualities as part of his medicine but this is this week’s message.

I hope you enjoy this coming week and think of Skunk EVERY SINGLE DAY

And remember who you are and love yourself…the true people in your life will love you and those who are not true friends will leave…

It’s as simple as that.

Please share this on Twitter, Facebook or send it on to a friend…leave us a comment if you’d like.

See you next time,
Jenny ;)

Weekly Power Animal Message April 7th Cheetah

Weekly Power Animal Message April 7th 2014  Cheetah

Cheetah in action

Cheetah came at me with lightning speed right before my eyes- just showed up out of thin air.

And that’s his message this week:

Just Get It DONE!

Whatever it is you’re trying to do…

Focus and get the job done quickly.

Cheetahs are incredible, as you may have realized in the photo but

Cheetah’s medicine is even more incredible!

Cheetah medicine includes speed and focus, flexibility, elusiveness and the ability to focus intently on something for a short period of time…

That’s why you need to get the job done quickly…before you lose focus!

Cheetahs reach their maximum speed and run for a short time- they’re sprinters…

And once they’ve sprinted, they teach us to rest afterward…to relax and enjoy life before we begin a new day tomorrow.

So, this week, make a list of the things you need to get done…

Focus on just the top three and get them done quickly…and then rest.

Then focus on the next three…get them done quickly…and then rest.

Just spending even 15 minutes a day getting small projects done

clears your space of clutter, frees up your mind and brings in more abundance.

So, listen to Cheetah…

Get in and get out quickly and then relax!

If life is coming at you too quickly,

FOCUS on what needs to be done and DO IT!

Cheetah does not procrastinate!



Just get it done and see how good you feel afterwards

And ready to take on next week’s challenges!

Have a good week and remember-

Cheetah is here to help you and me SUCCEED

by teaching us to take action- NOW!

Thanks for reading this and please pass it along so a friend can have Cheetah’s help, too! ;)


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Weekly Power Animal Message March 24 STAG

young stag


Stag first came to me last Friday and again on Saturday and yesterday. I’ve been very busy so I wasn’t able to get this written in time to post last night…

So…Stag came AGAIN this morning to make sure I got this message out to you!

From Stag:The Stag, also known as The King Of The Forest, represents purification, pride and independence. As King, it protects all the creatures of the forest. 

Deer wants us to remember that love  sometimes requires caring and protection, not only in how we love others, but also in how we love ourselves.

Sometimes we need to be more gentle with ourselves.

We can be our harshest critics…and we can be very unforgiving of ourselves.

Why is it we can forgive others of the cruel things they’ve done to us…yet we can’t forgive ourselves for a simple mistake we may have made 20 years ago?

We say we can forgive others because we love them and we are following the teachings of prophets to forgive…but when we don’t forgive ourselves…then do we not love ourselves at all?


So…to be loved and to be able to love others, Deer wants us too love ourselves..treat ourselves with kindness and gentleness and forgive ourselves.

Sometimes, we protect others…at our own expense…and sometimes, to a fault.

This week, think and examine how you love and protect others in your life and try to dedicate the same amount of time for yourself!

See the  in your life…see the difference in how you look at things and see just what a wonderful person you are!

Thank you to Stag..aka Deer for this week’s message and thank you, Reader, for considering this wisdom…

Please leave a comment and pass this message on to a friend!


Jenny :)

Weekly Power Animal Message March 16th 2014 FROG

What can Frog possibly have to say to us this week?

Don’t underestimate this little creature. After all, Kermit is still around and, after billions of years on this planet, frogs have staying power!


Frog is associated with water and therefore, symbolizes cleansing and healing.

And with the cleansing and washing away, it also represents rebirth.

This week’s message is about cleansing our lives…

Cleansing our emotions and…

Even physically cleansing our living spaces.
I tell my clients you have to open your hand to let go of something that isn’t good for you but in doing so, you are emptying your hand to receive something better!

Frog is encouraging us to cleanse, cleanse and cleanse!

Cleansing emotions…

How do we even start something like this?

That goes hand-in-hand with clearing our living spaces…

As we de-clutter…as we remove things that no longer serve us, as we walk by the pile or stack of Reader’s Digest from 2011, we symbolically let go of memories.

Whether it be Christmas or New Year’s or a major fight that led to a break-up, we are symbolically letting go and as we remove the energy of those events, it’s easier to let our emotions heal.

Another way to cleanse our emotions is to go to our safe place, maybe out in Nature or a little room all to ourselves…
Ask to be protected from any negative energies that might try to interfere or block the releasing..and then think of the person or event…
Visualize it in your mind and visualize a big, red helium balloon with that person’s face on it…or the date of the event or even a dvd of the event…it’s YOUR visualization…
You can do it however you want to!

Then simply say out loud (to give it more power),

“I release this _________ and send you back to Mother Earth to be recycled into something good!”

And then simply visualize cutting the string that attaches the balloon to you.

You don’t have to say goodbye to the person, just the hurt feelings….

Do this as many times as you need to…you may do it once or with several events and then stop for the day. That’s fine.

It’s your healing process. Frog has no time limits.

Just begin!

Cleansing or clearing space-

Remember, as you throw things away or recycle them,
You are allowing new things, new blessings, new people and abundance to come into your life.

So this week, think of how cute those little frogs are and just how powerful their message is!

Frog will help your change your whole life this week,

If you allow it!
Thanks for reading. I welcome your comments and please share this with a friend!

Smudging And Clearing

Smudging and clearing is essential to clear a space of negative or stagnant energy.

Many people come into PNB looking for sage but aren’t really sure what else they need or how to use it.

Using the smoke of herbs/incense has been used for thousands of years throughout almost all cultures around the world.

It has been used in temples and altars, sweat lodges and hospitals to clear away germs and illness, to protect and purify and to ward off evil, yet most of us in today’s world have never been taught about it.

Smudging is not some New Age metaphysical mumbo jumbo but is actuallyan ancient means to heal body and spirit.

Sage is the most common herb used to cleanse or clear the air of unwanted energies and stagnation.

Once you have saged your area or yourself, that’s not the end. There’s more to it than that.

Now that you’ve cleared, or sent away the baddies, you must smudge again to bring in the good! It’s not a one shot deal!

Sweetgrass is commonly used to bring in the good after saging. Considered the hair of Mother Earth by some Native Americans, sweetgrass is braided to honor her before it is cut!

If you have allergies and can’t burn the herbs, liquid sage is available. We generally have it in stock, here at PNB.

To learn more about Sacred SMudging, Jenny is offering a second workshop on Smudging this friday evening, Feb 21st at 6:30pm. Cost is $15.00. The response from the last workshop was overwhelming so she is presenting it again for those who couldn’t attend the last one.

Call the shop to register and if you’d like to view smudging items, we have a large supply online here: CLICK HERE Free shipping on all oreders!

We hope to see you there! :)


Weekly Power Animal Message Sept 15

kangaroo on alert

This week’s power animal message comes from Kangaroo.

When Kangaroo comes as a power animal, it brings us the knowledge that we can only move forward right now. Kangaroos only move forward, never going backwards. It doesn’t matter if we’re on the right path right now. What matters is that we move!
Once we continue moving forward, we mustn’t look back. Just know that moving forward is what’s needed now. As a kangaroo moves forward, it becomes energy-efficient, using momentum to save energy. So too, we’ll gain momentum and save some energy.


When kangaroos are being hunted, they hop like crazy, not knowing where they’re going. They use their instincts to guide them to safety. As we move forward this week, it’s time to trust our instincts- DON’T SECOND GUESS what’s right…Just DO IT and KEEP GOING FORWARD. This may be a time when this cute power animal is telling you to escape a bad situation and just keep going!


A kangaroo’s tail help it balance as it sits. Are you balanced and sure of where you’re seated in your own life right now? Take a deep look and see if you can put things into more of a balance in your life, including balancing your physical side with your spiritual side.


Remember, Kangaroo has come to help us this week. It will provide us the strength and stamina to do what we need to do and move forward. Leap forward into the unknown and trust your instinct!


Please share this week’s message with a friend and help them understand what a power animal is and be sure to come back for next week’s Power Animal Message.


Thank you!

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Hedgehog Loves Tummy Rubs

This is just another video to brighten your day, make you smile and help you feel just a little closer to the Animal Kingdom!



If you like it, please share it and let’s spread some healing around the world!

Sept 21 and Sept 28th, Emergency Preparedness Workshops

Hello Everyone,

September is National Preparedness and Positive New Beginnings is pleased to be offering a 2-part workshop on Emergency Preparedness and being self-reliant.You don’t want to miss this!

Hurricane Sandy

It may not seem like it has anything to do with healing or health and wellness but it does.

This 2-part workshop focuses on preparing for an emergency before it happens.  Flash flooding is happening in places that never experienced it before and people are being evacuated in minutes, as what happened in Cranston this month.  Hurricane season isn’t over yet and we’ll be facing the possibilities of major snow and  ice-storms and power outages in the coming months.

What does each member of your family need to survive the first 72 hours?  Sometimes, emergency services are not available right away.  The Red Cross may have its hands full…what will you do?

REscue after SAndy

If you’re prepared to be evacuated, you have peace of mind knowing there is a plan in place with your personal items and you, your children, pets and senior family members will be safe.

evacuees of Sandy

Other disasters occur that aren’t weather related.  Loss of a job or sudden health issue can leave you and your family struggling in severe hardship.  The second part of the workshop will also help you be prepared to get through the worst of it with the least amount of hardship possible.

Please let your friends and other family members know about this.  It may save a life.

Join us Saturday, Sept. 21 @ 10am for Part 1. Cost is $10.00
and      Saturday, Sept  28 @ 10am for Part 2  Cost is $10.00

Please pre-register as soon as possible so we can make appropriate space.

Thank you.

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